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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lonely Woman, Listen Here.... by Regina Moore

Loneliness is suffered by many women out there.  Different situations and circumstances have left many women accepting the position of loneliness.  We will look into various situations in the life of women that bring in loneliness

One of the situations that a the woman experiences a great degree of loneliness is the season between being single and trusting God for a partner or the early days you finally make up your mind by the help of the holy spirit to come out of a relationship that is not of God or it is not God’s will for your life.  The enemy can trap you out of God’s will by telling you not to come out of an ungodly relationship, telling you your life will be lonely and no one will ask for your hand in marriage thereby keeping you out of God’s best for you.  The first thing you should establish in your heart is you are never alone in life.  He said ''I will never leave you know forsake you."  That's God’s promise to us.  When you get that settled in your spirit, you can tackle physical loneliness.  A woman should first be happy and full of joy on her own in God. Your fulfilment and completeness comes from finding God’s purpose for your life not finding a man. The man coming into your life is an additional blessing from God.  It is not the sole purpose of your being alive.  Many sisters have lived a sorrowful and lonely life because they’ve not found a partner yet.  The enemy has told them a lie that they can’t be happy until they have found a partner.  The devil locks you up in a lonely room.  You have to be fulfilled in your own capacity, if not; you will always depend on a man to make you happy.

The place of singleness is such a joyful time where a woman develops herself both physically and spiritually.  It is a time where you have the freedom to explore and experience life with no strings attached.  Most sisters endure singleness instead of enjoying it.  The enemy locks them up and lies to them that they are a lonely bunch without a man.  A woman should learn to be happy without a man.  If not, all your lifetime your happiness will depend on a man.

Another situation where a woman experiences loneliness is when a guy breakups with her. Not that she broke up with the guy but the guy left.  It will cause such demoralization, inferiority and low self esteem if you take the invite and the devil will crown the experience with loneliness.  The first thing you must do in this situation is to thank God that it happened now and not after the wedding.  You might not see what God has delivered you from, but in good time you will understand. Thing will become clearer with time. Whenyou meet the right person, you will get the puzzle fixed.  There is nothing wrong with having a little cry.  It is natural that when those things happen it can debilitate you for a short while.  Please let it be a short while. Pick up your life again and keep moving on.  Mr Right is waiting somewhere along Destiny Street.  Don't live in that lonely room forever.  Wake up and shake up pretty woman full of beauty, brains, and godliness. God is preparing something and someone much more better than what went away.  Relax don't fret. 
What you can do to kick out the loneliness is not to stay on your own all the time or be around friends who over talk about the issue more than cheering you up.  Look for what will cheer you up - things that will bring back your joy.  Attend programs, go out to the cinema and watch some comedy to laugh your sides out.  Do some refreshing things to raise up your spirit man.  If you respond this way, your loneliness will leave you very quickly instead of settling with you.  Don't allow it to settle.

Woman also experience loneliness when they loose a loved one or an expectant baby due to   a miscarriage, or a still birth.  It is like something that was part of you has left it is very painful and disappointing.  It's very easy to retreat into deep sorrow and stay lonely.  Don't feel less spiritual if you feel like crying.  Sometimes in these circumstances only God can reach out to your heart to help you not to fall into depression. The first place to turn to in these times is to GOD.  Go to the altar and do all the weeping and exchange your sorrowful heavy garments for God’s garment of praise.  He is specialized in turning mourning into dancing and giving the oil of joy. Stay at the altar and allow Him do the work. When you leave the altar please don't take anything back just leave them there.  The entire burden heaviness, sorrowful heart pains, questions, confusion drop them there. So when you arise from God’s presence you come up with strength, to face the circumstance in a more matured way.  You will notice you will not be so weighed down anymore.  You feel better and lighter in spite of the situation.  Then you will be able to push loneliness aside and give God thanks with hope instead of feeling devastated. (Please read Building Capacity 2 - Inner Strength (It is a great resource in times like these.)

Never allow your life to sink so low to the point where people can't reach you.  Never lock yourself physically or spiritually by not allowing God to reach you.  He desires to give you joy all through your life’s journey even when you go through situations which are unpleasant.  Rise and take your joy back.  Loneliness invites the enemy.  Close the door to him.
My husband has travelled for over two years now. It has been marriage through telephone, emails, MSN, text, Skype and any technology that we can use to communicate.  I have every right to declare my self the lonely woman without my husband for the first time in 15 years. Well during this time I make myself very busy and at the same time available for God to use.  In this season God opened me up to realise my writing anointing.  I moved into it and published my first book and writing more books.  He gave me a task to build great women by writing, praying and talking to women worldwide; resulting in Women’s Power Hour being birthed.  I became very busy - no place for loneliness.  God can allow some loneliness for a purpose.  Be strong and be encouraged! God is not done with you yet!


  1. How we handle the lonely situations we experience in life can either make us or break us. Lonely woman, listen here read on and be lifted out of your place of loneliness, In Jesus name. I

  2. This is powerful! I did not know how much life God has put into this article, after writing it to bless others is has tremendously blessed me. Be lifted from loneliness in Jesus name