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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Crossover Prayer and Fasting 2017, Day 6 of week 1, December 2017

Crossover Prayer and Fasting 2017

DAY 6 of week 1

▶️ Spend 1hour praying in the spirit

▶️ Spend 30 minutes praying for our Rahab Squad

๐Ÿ“– Gen 38:21

▶️ That God will raise a great team leader for the squad

▶️ That the fire and passion for the salvation of prostitutes will consume the team

▶️ That God will bring in more passionate people to join the team

▶️ That God will do a mighty work in the lives of the transformed gals that they will be transformed indeed.

▶️ That God will build the team in prayer

▶️ That God will raise support for the team in financing and resources for rehabilitation

▶️ Break the spirit of prostitution in the lives of these gals

▶️ Pray that they hate prostitution put a passionate hatred of this trade in their lives

▶️  Ask God to give them an encounter for a turnaround in their lives for good

▶️ Pray for their true salvation, deliverance and a new life.

▶️ Arrest the spirit of prostitution in Aberdeen, Lumley, Wilkinson road, beach road and its environs those are the areas we now cover.

▶️ Pray for God to raise new squads all over the city especially the east

▶️ Spend 30 minutes praying for
The correctional Arm of women’s power hour

๐Ÿ“–Ps 69:33
๐Ÿ“–Ps 102:20

▶️ That God will visit them with salvation they should not come out the way they went in but come out saved free delivered and wanting God all their lives.

▶️ That God will intervene in their cases and give them breakthroughs

▶️ That God will send them legal help for their cases

▶️That God will build up the leadership of this arm

▶️ That the team will grow powerfully

▶️ That God will grant wisdom and understanding in dealing with issues concerning the released inmates

▶️ That God will give them an encounter in the prison

▶️ Pray for the officers for patience and endurance as they work with the difficult ones.

▶️ That God will supply the needs of the female wing of the correctional centers

Crossover Prayer and Fasting 2017, Day 5 of week 1, December 2017

Crossover Prayer and Fasting 2017
DAY 5 of week 1

▶️ Spend 50 minutes praying in the spirit 

▶️ Spend 50 minutes praying for

Women in this land

Gen 33-5

▶️ Pray for the salvation of women in this nation

▶️ Pray for women in the correctional center

▶️ Pray against the spirit of prostitution 

▶️ Pray and remove women from prostitution 

▶️ Pray for battered women for God to restore their dignity

▶️ Pray for raped women that God will restore their self esteem 

▶️ Pray for women in leadership that God will give them bravery, wisdom, exceptional leadership skills, and for grace to stand for righteousness.

▶️ Pray for the wives of the president, ministers, frontline women that they will be good influences on their husbands.

▶️ Pray for Pastors wives that God will give them grace to support, stand by, and intercede for the work that God has call them unto.

Spend 20 minutes 

(Ps 62:1)

▶️ Praying for women you know personally that are going through one tough issue or the other that heaven will intervene for them. Call their names and intercede for them seriously.

▶️ Pray for women’s ministry in churches & women organizations

That God will give the leadership direction, vision, grace, understanding as to where God wants to take the women to this New Year

Let there be correct focus to build lives not only to raise money

▶️ Pray that doors of support in financing & resources will be open for Christian women’s organizations.

That God will provide buildings and office locations for their work in the vine yard

▶️ Pray that God will raise helpers in people resource to push the work of Christian women organisations 

▶️ Pray for provision of vehicles for their transportation as they do the work

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Crossover Prayer and Fasting 2017, Day 4 of week 1, December 2017

Crossover Prayer and Fasting 2017

DAY 4 of week 1

▶️ Spend 45 minutes praying in the spirit 

▶️ Spend 45 minutes praying for your country (1 Tim 2-1-2)
Come against the principal demon in your country. Dethrone him and scatter his plans, works and activities in your nation. 

▶️ Bring down forces that are militating against the development of your country.

▶️ Bring down evil altars planted all over your country send fire on them and erect the altar of God.

▶️ Bring down shrines and idol worshipping activities in the nation send the fire of the Holy Ghost to burn them.

▶️ Pray for the coming elections (or your already elected leaders) that it will be peaceful transition.

▶️ Pray that God himself will allow the leader He wants to win

▶️ Pray against stubborn politicians who want the throne at all cost even to the detriment of the people’s lives.

▶️ Pray against politicians who are involved in ritual killings for power that they will not see the throne.

▶️ Surround the entire nation with the blood of Jesus every town, city, village, island, mountains etc.

▶️ Come against the spirit of poverty in the minds of the people that they will see themselves as wealth potentials and do something with their skills.

▶️ Spend 30 Minutes :
▶️ Praying for the work of God in your nation (Matt 16:18)

▶️ Take authority over the principal demon working against Gods work in this nation.

▶️ Bring down the forces militating against the church in this land

▶️ Pray against agents of darkness that are assigned to destroy, God’s work, terminate their assignments, scatter their plans, let them be exposed and be put to shame. 

▶️ Pray for the work of God to flourish in this land. 

▶️ Pray against hindrances to church growth. 

▶️ Pray against hindrances to the prosperity of Gods people 

▶️ Pray against disunity in the body plant unity

▶️ Pray for churches or Christian organization that need land to build that God will clear the way for land acquisition

▶️ Pray for churches or Christian organizations that are in court for one thing other that God will intervene and exonerate His people. 


Sunday, 3 December 2017

Crossover Prayer and Fasting 2017. Day 3 of week 1, December 2017

DAY 3 of week 1

▶️ Spend 40 min praying in the spirit

▶️ Spend 30 minutes
In spiritual warfare against the plans of the enemy

▶️ Read Ephesians 6:12-18
2 Cor 10:4

▶️ Take authority over the forces that want to militate against the work of God in your church in 2018

▶️ Pray against the enemy stopping the growth of the church

▶️ Bring down the territorial demons in the vicinity of your church render their powers useless against your church

▶️ Bring down the spirit of disunity, pray for your pastors and church leadership that they will unite to take Gods work to another level in 2018

▶️ Bring down every evil altar that represents your church in the underworld send fire and burn them down

▶️ Plead the blood over your church its vicinity, inside, the chairs, at the gate, take charge of the church in the spirit realm.

▶️ Pray against spirits that hinder people’s salvation in church

▶️ Pray for breakthrough for members of your congregation in 2018

▶️ Pray against the spirit of death in your congregation in 2018

▶️ Bring down the forces militating against the prosperity of Gods people in your church in 2018.

▶️ Spend 30 minutes
Praying for your Pastor, his wife and children (1 Tim 2-1-4)

▶️ Pray for your Pastor against the works of darkness, forces, spiritual wickedness in high places that wants to disturb his life and ministry in 2018

 ▶️ Pray against astral projections, serpentine spirits, and marine spirits from the underworld that wants to work against Gods plan for his life and family in 2018.

▶️ Pray and cover His family from accidents and wicked plans of darkness.

▶️ Pray for divine protection over his life and family

▶️ Pray for mighty provisions open doors for him and his family in 2018

▶️ Pray for great health for him and his family in 2018

▶️ Pray for his wife and children to be under divine covering, that they walk in unity for the vision in 2018

▶️ Spend 20 minutes to
Pray for the departments in your church (Joel 2:7)

▶️Pray for the choir
▶️Pray for the ushers
▶️Pray for the protocols
▶️Pray for the technical unit and Media
▶️Pray for missions Etc.  etc.
▶️Pastoral team

Crossover Prayer and Fasting 2017. DAY 2 of week 1

Crossover Prayer and Fasting 2017

 DAY 2 of week 1

 ๐Ÿ™๐ŸพSpend 30 min praying in the spirit (Jude 20)

▶️Spend 30 mins in “it’s not by power and might but by the spirit…”

▶️Opening the heavens over your life

▶️Asking God for grace, strength, power, energy, willingness, and commitment to go through the fasting

▶️Come against sudden attack on your life throughout the fasting

▶️Cancel the plans of the wicked one against your life throughout the fasting

▶️Resist powers of darkness that might want to discourage you from going through

▶️Refuse any discouraging spirit to cut you off the fasting

▶️Resist every prince of Persia that wants to resist your prayers

▶️Spend 30 mins declaring in the heavenlies why you are fasting

▶️What you desire God to do in the nation

▶️What you desire God to do in the body of Christ

▶️What you desire God to do in your family

▶️What you desire God to do in your personal life

▶️What you desire God to in your ministry in 2018

▶️What you desire God to do in your job / business

▶️What you desire God to in your personal life

▶️What you desire God to in your home in 2018

▶️Spend 30 min asking God to (read eph 1: 17-23):

▶️Give you an encounter with Him

▶️Open your eyes to is word

Show you prayer strategies

▶️Show you his 2018 plan

▶️Show you His desires for your life in 2018

▶️Open your spiritual ears and Speak to you this season

▶️Open your spiritual eyes to see His glory this season

 *Position yourself to seek Him sincerely and truly*

Crossover prayer and Fasting. Day 1 of week 1 December 2017

Women’s Power Hour
Cross Over Prayer and fasting 2017
We glorify God for another year to come into His presence with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise for His great faithfulness towards us this 2017.
Kindly prepare your heart with Isaiah 58 and read the fasting article that goes with it this is very important to keep you on track for the fasting. Trust God for great strength you can make 21 days by the spirit of the Lord.

Week one 1st-7th December 2017
Make a commitment to spend 2hours in prayer daily throughout the fast
Thanksgiving and praise for a whole year round of faithfulness that God has shown to you
Spend 1 hour in Praise and Worship
Spend 30 min in reading some psalms of thanks giving
Psalm 100
Ps 145
Ps 146
Ps 147
Ps 148
Ps 149
Ps 150

Spend 30 min in speaking gratitude from your lips to God express your heart of thanksgiving unto him and bless His name.
If the Holy Spirit lead you to do something more please follow the Spirits leading

Fasting the Conditions and the Blessings December 2017

Fasting the Conditions and the Blessings 
Isaiah 58
By Regina Moore.
Fasting is one of the challenging exercises to do as a woman of God. God has a way of pushing us into a fast by allowing lifes circumstances to demand a fast. We should not wait for circumstances or church declaration of a fast we can get ourselves positioned with spiritual ammunition to always put the enemy where he belongs. 
As fasting empowers us to develop inner power and capacity to take our stand in the spirit realm and be victorious.
Having been involved in over 5 years of successful 21 daysDecember cross over prayer and fasting; leading women to prepare their lives for the new year I was forced to study what we will gain according to Gods word when we fast.
Gaining anything in life comes with a price no pain no gain. The pains are the conditions God set down for us to do so the gain will come. If we are willing and obedient we shall eat the good of the land.
Looking closely at Isaiah 58 I see God calling His people to repentancethey did seek God but see nothing, so our first condition in fasting is to repent.  Repentance makes us ready for the presence and power of God that fasting brings.
They were fasting for the wrong reasons another condition is to check our motives, why are we fasting there must be clear reasons why we are doing it. Out line your clear directions as to where you are heading with your fasting.
Vs 3 is looking at our consecration in this period of fasting putting aside pleasure and labour and consecrate yourself to God.
Vs 4 asked that we don’t fast for strife or wickedness I remember getting a story of a Satanist fasting to break marriages that was strange but the enemy knows the power of fasting and uses it negatively. We can use it positively to impact lives and change our own lives as we seek God.
Vs 5 Encourages humility of heart those days it was sackcloth and ashes that signifies humbleness of heart, sorrow and affliction. God accepts the humble heart in fasting. 
Vs 6 Begins to outline the kind of fasting that God accepts and the power to loose the bands of wickedness, burdens and yokes that will be produced when we fast the God kind of way.
Vs 7 Encourages that this season that you are not eating give your food to the poor, cloth the naked open your house to the needy charitable deeds should rise this season even though that should be our life style.
Vs 8 Outline the benefits and blessings that will begin to flow in our lives as we obey the above verses. Our light shall break forth as the dawn that means any darkness surrounding our path to destiny the light of God will shine forth and make every crooked path straight in our lives. 
The blessings flows to our health if sickness is present health will breakforth and eradicate sickness in our lives, our righteous lifestyle will begin to open up blessings unto us.  The glory of God will shine forth on every area of our lives and the rewards from the Lord will begin to flow.
Vs 9  11 Outlines more benefits as we fast In this right state of heart. It says When we call upon the Lord He will answer our cry, our light will rise from obscurity and darkness will be removed from our path when we obey His word.
The guidance of the Lord will be open unto us, and in hard times God will satisfy us with good things, we shall flourish and not fail
Vs 12 goes on to talk about the legacy of our lives, we will be the repairers and foundation builders for generations to come. 
Vs 13 Calls our attention to obedience to His word in keeping a holy Sabbath unto the Lord and turning away from doing our own selfish desires. Our Sabbath these new testament times is to have a day set aside for the Lord. 
Vs 14 Encourages us to take pleasure in the things of God and the benefits are awesome God will move us up to the high places of the earth and we will experience the blessings of Jacob. He was a very rich man and had great substance. 
Looking at the above verses we see God wanting to bless us through the fasting not to punish us but to lift us up and set us on high. The blessings we connect with when we fast the God kind of way are numerous. 
Make it a habit to go into fasting even if your church does not declare one you will reap your harvest in fasting.